Consumer Banking

Chase Plans to Open 16 New Branches in Florida

Enters new markets in Gainesville and Ocala; expands in existing cities

Orlando, FL Mar 28, 2017 Chase is continuing to expand its presence in Florida, with plans to open its first locations in Gainesville and Ocala in early fall this year.

In addition, the bank will open a total of nine new branches in Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Orlando and the Tampa Bay area later this year.

“Florida is one of the fastest-growing regions and we see tremendous opportunity to continue to grow our presence across the state,” said George Acevedo, head of Chase Consumer Banking in Florida. “Expanding into Gainesville and Ocala helps us build out our footprint and serve consumers and businesses from coast to coast.”

Chase plans to open up to two locations in Gainesville and four in Ocala by the end of the year. Construction on some of these new locations will begin next month.

The new branches will offer a full range of services for consumers and businesses and feature the latest innovative technology to make banking even more convenient. The bank plans to hire locally and staff its branches with personal bankers, financial advisors, mortgage and business banking specialists.

Since the acquisition of Washington Mutual in 2008, Chase has added nearly 250 branches in Florida and now has 398 total across the state. Florida customers also have access to 1,600 ATMs to conduct their routine banking transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

JPMorgan Chase employs nearly 14,000 people in Florida across all of its lines of business and serves more than 7.3 million consumers and 460,000 businesses locally. Last year, the firm contributed $10.7 million to nonprofits in the state that focus on workforce readiness, small business, financial capability and neighborhood revitalization initiatives.

As part of the bank’s strategy to strengthen relationships with existing customers, Chase is building out its presence in existing states by entering new cities. Despite having relationships with almost half all U.S. households, only one-third of the bank’s customers have more than one product across Chase. This creates a tremendous opportunity for the bank to help customers meet all of their financial needs.