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Consumer Banking

Chase’s Shutdown Relief Extends to All Auto Customers, including Subaru, Mazda, Jaguar, Land Rover and Enterprise

NEW YORK, NY Jan 08, 2019 Chase highlighted today that its payment relief options for affected U.S. government employees extend to all its auto customers, including those with loans and leases made through Subaru Motors Finance, Mazda Capital Services, Jaguar Financial Group, Land Rover Financial Group and Enterprise Auto Finance.

Since the shutdown began, Chase has worked on an individual basis with affected customers with car loans, credit cards and mortgages.

“We want to make sure all our auto customers know to call us if they need help because of the government shutdown,” said Mark O’Donovan, CEO of Chase Auto. “We often can extend or defer payments on our loans and leases.”

Chase encourages customers to call to discuss certain hardship programs if they are employees of a U.S. federal agency and their income is affected by the shutdown.  They should call the special care line at 1-888-356-0023.

Since December 24, Chase has automatically refunded overdraft and monthly service fees on Chase checking and savings accounts that had direct deposit of federal government paychecks.

Media Contact

Shannon O'Reilly, Shannon.Oreilly@jpmorganchase.com