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Consumer Banking

That Familiar Ring? It's Your Mobile Phone, Not Your Wedding Band

NEW YORK, NY Jun 20, 2016 Americans love mobile technology and digital banking more than ever, Chase survey shows.

We know Americans love their mobile phones, but more than their wedding ring? Absolutely, according to a recent Chase survey of 1,500 adults:

  • One in three (32%) would hate to lose their cell phone, compared to 19% upset about a lost wedding ring and 20% over their birth certificate.
  • Three in four say mobile tools help them manage their lives and stay organized.
  • Half say they check their mobile banking app at work (51%) – Shhh, don’t tell the boss.
  • 35% check their banking app during a break at work.
  • 31% look between bites at a restaurant – though likely not when proposing with a diamond ring.

Consumers tap in more

Many more consumers are using technology to bank more easily than last year.

Mobile apps:

  • 21% more are viewing account balances
  • 20% more are paying bills
  • 8% more are transferring money

Online & ATM:

  • 37% more are paying bills online
  • 35% more are transferring money online
  • 17% more are visiting the ATM

Not just the Millennials

Of course, Millennials have their hands wrapped around their mobile phones. But GenXers and Boomers are becoming more aware of tools on their mobile banking app:

Know they can Millennials GenXers Boomers
View account balances 93% (up 18%) 84% (up 18%) 71% (up 16%)
Pay bills 85% (up 20%) 79% (up 19%) 70% (up 20%)
Transfer money 91% (up 25%) 80% (up 22%) 66% (up 17%)

No wallet, no problem

Nearly half said they would leave their wallet at home if a digital wallet would do the trick.

  • 48% prefer to pay using their phone vs. credit card or cash
  • 46% plan to make payments with mobile phones more in the next five years

In fact, two in five (40%) have either lost or forgotten their debit or credit card when they needed it most.

More bank for the buck

Chase continues to enhance its digital banking technology to meet customers’ needs.

  • Customers can now send and receive money in real time to customers of a growing number of banks, with the recent enhancement to Chase QuickPay.
  • Customers will be able to use their smartphone to take out cash from Chase ATMs later this year. No card needed.

Chase offers its digital services in English and Spanish. For more information in English, visit chase.com/WayYouBank. For more information in Spanish, visit chase.com/DominaTusFinanzas.

About the Survey
To uncover insights around digital banking knowledge and habits of Americans, Chase conducted a telephone and online survey. The telephone survey is among a nationally representative sample of 1,008 adults (18 years old and older) living in the continental United States. The online survey is among a nationally representative sample of 1,500 adults (18 years old and older) living in the continental United States, with an oversample to obtain 200 respondents in the following cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Columbus, Miami, and San Diego. The surveys were conducted between April 19th and April 26th with a margin of error of +/- 3 percent at the national level and +/-7 percent at the local market level with a 95% confidence level.