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Chase Introduces ‘Voice ID’ to Credit Card Customers

Unique voiceprints will be used to identify customers on the phone for an even more secure experience

New York, NY Apr 19, 2018 JPMorgan Chase & Co. today announced that it will begin using individuals’ unique voiceprints to identify customers who are calling to inquire about their credit card accounts. Called Voice ID, this proven technology will improve customer security and allow cardmembers to more quickly and easily receive service.

“Protecting customers and their accounts is our top priority and with Voice ID technology we are able to provide a more secure experience,” said Mike Ashworth, Chief Operations Officer for Chase Consumer and Community Banking. “Using the unique identifier of a customer’s voice, we can securely verify who they are, replacing the need for multiple security questions, focusing on the reason for their call.”

Similar to a fingerprint, an individual’s voiceprint is unique to them. A voiceprint is created from more than 100 different physical and behavioral characteristics such as pitch, accent, shape of your mouth and vocal tract. Once a voiceprint is created, Voice ID uses a customer’s unique voice to securely and seamlessly authenticate his or her identity in the background of their conversation without requiring the customer to share sensitive personal information over the phone.

Chase will introduce the new technology to its credit card customers this spring, and extend Voice ID across other products and services later this year. 

More information on Voice ID can be found at Chase.com/VoiceID

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Ashley Dodd, Ashley.E.Dodd@chase.com